yesterday I attempted my first full length triathlon and I ...

tom adam tom.adam at
Sun Sep 19 20:06:42 CEST 2021


This was an incredibly high!

1:04 swimming (3.8km)

5:44 bike (176km, 2000 altitude meters)

4:45 marathon (43.5km -- pfftt that last km was not calculated by me! 
Also +200 altitude meters)


Now I can't walk any more, everything aches!

I was on schedule during the swimming and biking, but I'm 45min late 
with running. But that's just brutal, running after such a long bike split.
I can't recommend this to try, think carefully before attempting, it 
will destroy your life for a couple of years with all the training 
that's needed.

So what's next. Not a full length triathlon, that's for sure, but maybe 
in 2023 an attempt for qualification for Hawaii, one can dream ;-)

First of all, 1 month recuperation, it's needed!

I've got some pictures on facebook (connect via Paul-Josef Marcovic)



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