Access Virus B/Indigo "Click issue"

Matt Picone matt at
Sun Sep 19 00:10:34 CEST 2021

Yes, I googled it and found these instructions for turning it off:

Press osc edit twice until you get to the osc common menu, then find 
page 2. Its the middle parameter.

Here you can influence the attack of the amplifier envelope to enhance 
the sound with a more percussive, snappy kind of feel. You may have 
guessed that PUNCH INTENSITY determines the intensity of this effect. 
PUNCH is only effective when you have dialed in fairly short ATTACK 
rates for the amplifier envelope

On 9/18/21 6:09 PM, Matt Picone wrote:
> Been a LOOONNG time. Wasn't there something called "punch" that added 
> a click?
> On 9/18/21 5:55 PM, Matt Seil wrote:
>> Hello again--it's been a LOOOONG time since I posted.
>> I've dusted off the studio after taking a good 15-16yr break.  I started
>> programming with my virus again trying to emulate some basic 303 to get
>> my legs underneath me.
>> I've been chasing this problem all day:  I'm getting an audible "click"
>> when notes are pressed.  Happens more in the C3+ range but I can get it
>> to appear up and down the keyboard.  It sounds like when you hit a
>> sample loop incorrectly.  We know it isn't a sampling problem!
>> If I put "Env Amount" to 0 it still happens, it's just not quite as
>> sharp.  Filter 1 seemed make it a little bit better by choosing a value
>> around 25.  That doesn't seem to matter anymore however.
>> I have a feeling, I'm missing something really obvious.  I'd appreciate
>> any troubleshooting tips!  Important:  Factory presets don't seem to have this issue, so I'm more inclined to think it's me than the synth, despite the long storage.
>> Thanks again,
>> --Matt Seil
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