Hardware samplers

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I’ve always moved hardware samplers.  It really depends on what you want it for, and you’re willing to deal with the fact they were convenient before computers mainly took over the job, but now the workflow can be cumbersome.

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So I just watched a video by Espen Kraft about his Akai S700 sampler
that he bought when Reagan was still president. Sampling at a
ridiculously low sampling rate of like 6.3 kHz, it sounded remarkably
good. Also, Paolo "SynthMania" had a video about sampling CDs that I
found enlightening.

Now I've always been dismissive of samplers, associating them with "ah
yeah!" and orchestra hit samples, in the worst of 1990s dance music, but
when you think about it, they're just synths with very flexible
oscillators – provided, of course, that the rest of the synthesis engine
is up to snuff.

Now Jay is going to say Yamaha A4000/A5000, and those have the advantage
of using IDE drives. But what hardware samplers would you say are
musically interesting?

Hey, the 20 year anniversary is coming up, as is my birthday, and
Christmas... 🙂

- Peter
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