Integrated/Digital Synths With More Modular Sequencers

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Thu Sep 9 18:36:29 CEST 2021

> Most sequencers in instruments like even the Pro-2 are built around the note or gate event - you can’t clock or advance the sequencer with an LFO, or even the steps from another sequencer line. Are there any “complete” instruments with sequencers that behave more like analogue or modular sequencers? AFAIK, even the Hydrasynth requires note/gate.

If I understand you correctly, you can totally step/trigger the sequencer from an LFO on the Hydrasynth .. <>

> Ideally, I’m looking for something that can merge multiple pulse chains with logical OR, XOR, etc, but that might be pie-in-the-sky.

Yeah, this was something the Latronic Notron was kind of famous for being able to do, wasn’t it? <>

> I guess if the only solution is a newer synth and a dedicated sequencer like the MAPS or, to a lesser extent, the Schrittmacher, so it goes, but I’d like to have something all-in-one, if I can. I don’t even have MIDI gear anymore.

Might I also suggest you look at the  Zynthian for this - it has a pretty comprehensive set of sequencer tools onboard .. I don’t have it in front of me, but there was a sequencer layer that allowed you to do things like trigger different sequences from keys/notes.  If I get a chance I’ll dig into this next time I get some  Zynthian time  ..

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