New ASM Hydrasynths .. and Superbooth

Tony Scharf tony.scharf at
Thu Sep 9 17:08:31 CEST 2021

Wow..I want the Deluxe polyphony, but damn…I don’t have space for a keyboard THAT big.  They couldn’t do a 61 note version or upgrade the current to 16 voices?

Looks great to me, in any case.   The Hydrasynth is one of the few synths on my shortlist.


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.. leaked pre-Superbooth, new ASM Hydrasynth models .. looks pretty badass:

.. plus, a deluxe version:

Not sure if there are any other fanboix for the ASM Hydrasynth on the -bar, but I really, really love the one I’ve played at Sky Studio, so if there is going to be a mini-version that aligns with my shoebox shelf system, its a definite add for me.  Its a very friendly synth engine and the UI is easily one of the best of all the new-era designs, imho.

BTW: Anyone else going to Superbooth next week?  I’m seriously considering a couple days ..

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