Some new singles

Mikael Hansson forums at
Sun May 9 22:42:11 CEST 2021

A small selection of fresh singles...

The Brides of the Black Room - Fire Disciple
Swedish art collective. The vocalist used to do vocals in Priest (which is a spin-off from the metal band Ghost). <>

Vanguard - Ragnarök
Swedish synth/futurepop duo. <>

Clicks - Dropdead
Polish one man band. Song is from a new album released a few weeks ago. The album is growing a bit. Saturated, bit reduced and distorted sound in general. <>

Gary Numan - Now And Forever
From the album coming May 21. Really good line of singles prepending this one. <>

Zeromancer - Mourners
This months fav. 2nd single from their upcoming album which is my most anticipated album this year. <>


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