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Hi Malek.

As being a fan of Mutable Instruments brand, I can not avoid to mention it here !  

Mutable instruments modules can cost a bit compare to behringer, but have a look for “ Stages” this module can give you : 

AD, ADSR, LFOs, Sequencer, S&H, and even turing machine and Quantizer since a new Firmware released) 

About behringer : I really love my K2 even if it s Hz/Oct and not V/Oct.

As Tony and Andrew said, you may find many modules in the second hand market already.

If you plan to buy or build a case, I would advise you to add  few more empty HP than your needs. 

I bought a Behringer Eurorack Go ,it s not completely filled yet but I love it. 

For me, the module that I m really missing in my setup is a Quad VCA. 

About DIY ideas and weird modules I like to check sometimes this website :

it seems Music Bar is going more and more modular or Am I wrong ? ;P 


> On 26 Feb 2021, at 17:52, Marek Szulen <mszulen at> wrote:
> Guys
> I need an advice, regarding the eurorack modular.
> Since I have Behringer Crave, which is a semi-modular, I really started to think about extending it.
> Today, I've got an additional VCO  and working on the power supply.
> What are the other budget choices for additional modules? LFO, ADSR, VCF, VCA?
> What else should I look at?
> I'm open for DIY (not only that I like it, but mainly - it helps to stay within the budget range).
> Second hands are also ok, as long as they don't cost a leg ;)
> Marek
> Venray, NL
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