Juno 106

Jammer jammer at jammer.biz
Fri Feb 12 17:10:59 CET 2021

Agreed. Everything had a "film" over it and somehow felt strangely rough.

I'd fire it up get something out of it and then hate all the work to 
make it sit in a mix which invariable never really did. I touch one key 
on something like the Juno and you could instantly feel he difference.

Anyone after pure analogue goodness should grab a Waldorf Pulse. 
Fantastic little thing to have. Such a hot signal!

On 12/02/2021 15:48, James Coplin wrote:
> My Andromeda just never sound that good. Always seemed like there were 
> pillows in front of the speaker. Such a shame. Architecturally, it was 
> pretty amazing but my god the filters were weak.
> I'm hoping Behringer decides to build a monster poly of their own in 
> the spirit on the Andromeda once they get the manufacturing and design 
> sorted for a poly.
> James
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