Back after a LOOOOONG hiatus...

Matt Seil xeno6696 at
Thu Feb 11 22:19:38 CET 2021

I can't believe I let 15-16yrs fly by... I quit music because I wanted
to focus on school, and I realized this year it was a decade!  

I still have my Virus Indigo and my K2661... I just added a
model:samples today and am getting prepped for... just writing. 

Hope Jay is doing well and of course Joost who I haven't talked to. 
How's Randy Kraft doing?  I still have some of his DnB tracks in my head
from... holy cow was it  I don't remember.  :-O 

Happy to see everyone here and expect me to be firing some questions. 
My degree was in computer science so I have a lot better of an idea now
in what all these synths are doing and would be super interested in any
fun design challenges... I still remember back in '02 where there was a
contest (virus?) to recreate the sound of the seismic mines from Attack
of the Clones! 

Also is it true that Virus hardware is dead?  I read somewhere that the
DSPs are no longer being made. 

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