Summer Jam The Hague 2021

Peter Korsten peter at
Thu Aug 26 17:08:11 CEST 2021

Hey Joost,

> Lemme know your plans! :)

We've decided earlier on that we won't be travelling abroad this year. 
This includes my family in the south of the Netherlands, and, by 
extension, you.

This bloody pandemic has messed everything up, and especially Yana has 
too many health issues to risk infection during the three hour flight. 
Yes, all of us are fully vaccinated, and have been so since May – I 
think Malta is very near the top of most fully vaccinated countries 
(80%; only Gibraltar somehow managed to vaccinate more than 100% of the 
population). But that also means that any other country is less safe. 
Not to mention the rampant fake certificate fraud and masses of 
flat-earthers out there.

So, maybe next year. Have fun!

- Peter

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