Does anybody use individual outs on synths?

James Coplin james at
Wed Aug 18 22:45:24 CEST 2021

I do use individual outs on all my drum machines and modules. Besides having individual control over panning, I use different compression, reverb, and delay on them depending.

As far a synths go, back when I didn't have very many and tracks in the DAW were at a premium, I did quite a bit. Anymore, I seldom need multitimbral outs  so typically I don't as I will just use another synth or just do two takes.


On Aug 18, 2021, 3:10 PM, at 3:10 PM, Peter Korsten <peter at> wrote:
>As the subject says. When Martin and Gert 😢 came to Malta, the first 
>thing that Martin did was pull out the 8-cable snake from my EX5. Fair 
>enough, those four extra outputs was perhaps not my best investment
>But those synths (Proteus 2000, Wavestation SR, Micro Q and EMX-1) all 
>have individual outs. These four alone have 18 outputs between them,
>there are another 10 for the EX5 and AN1x. My question is: are these 
>actually useful?
>I might get an Airbase 99 somewhere in the future (today, I reluctantly
>didn't accept an offer of €450 for one with the latest ROM and great 
>optical condition) and that thing has a silly amount of outputs – but 
>apparently, you cannot pan sounds over the stereo outs.
>The Proteus 2000 now has three ROMs; just an hour ago I installed the 
>X-Lead ROM. This one would be the most likely contender to have the 
>extra outputs connected, to have a bit more freedom with routing and 
>But as said, I have no idea how well this works out in practice.
>- Peter
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