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Good info. Keep talking.

On 8/17/21 11:34 AM, Jammer wrote:
> Exactly this. I think people get really, REALLY convoluted in these 
> things. All these crazy processes and obfuscation can introduce 
> stability risks imho and for minimal real world gain. There isn't a 
> system out there that hasn't been hacked. iLok et al are just silly imho.
> At best you're just going to to try to keep people honest, the people 
> that use cracked versions were unlikely to pay for it anyway.
> Partial Key validation can be a good approach too.
> I just wrote my own based around public / private keys. Wrote a little 
> tool to query my sales back-end and automates producing a key and 
> emailing it to the user. Email has a button to click that launches the 
> app and stuffs the code in. They don't even have to type anything or 
> even copy+paste anything (unless it's web based email client). I also 
> didn't want the user to *have* to have an internet connection, nor any 
> calling home.
> Horses for courses though.
> On 17/08/2021 16:14, Joost Schuttelaar wrote:
>> On 17 Aug 2021, at 16:07, Matt Picone<matt at>  wrote:
>>> Does anyone here have skills or know anyone who is strong in the area of development around audio software anti piracy?
>> No expertise, but a very interesting topic!
>> Aren’t most copy protection schemes quite trivial to break these days, when Mac’s for instance enforce memory as non-executable, and have features like address space randomization on by default? I remember that things like iLok basically do tons of self inspections to see if code was modified, right?
>> I think the best copy protection schemes are: user loyalty, some quite useful cloud features and frequent updates (just make it hard to stay up to date…)
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