Moog matriarch vs subsequent 37

Michael Zacherl mubar05 at
Thu Jun 20 15:32:42 CEST 2019

> On 19 Jun 2019, at 21:22, tom adam <tom.adam at> wrote:
> On 19/06/2019 05:59, Michael Zacherl wrote:
>> It’s a small 20U MOTM-format system, mostly with Oakley Systems- and some MOTM modules.
>> Plus some extras like Cynthias’ Zeroscillator.

> I always fancied a zeroscillator. I looks like lots of fun.

yeah, but the implementation is quirky. IMHO there are better Through-Zero VCOs outthere meanwhile.
It was an impulse buy back then, much less money at an "introductory price".

>> I like the Oakley designs most since they come close to their inspirational sources, like Minimoog VCOs, several filters etc.

> I have several oakley modules myself too. I sold the VCO's though over the years and kept the motm310's and a couple of Jurgen haibles living VCO’s.

I got a 300 and a 310. JH’s Living VCOs are still in an unpopulated PCB state.  :(

>>> We were just listening to the sounds samples on the Moog website and some stuff on you tube. Didn't keep track of it actually…
>> oh, pity - IMHO the demos are not all the same (which is good).
>> The Subsequent was interesting because I don’t have a modern analogue with patch storage.

> When I got my P12, I was thinking of getting a Subsequent. It was a difficult decision... But at the end, a mono-synth (or even a paraphonic synth) I can easily make with my modular.

same here. It was rather some GAS attack when the subsequent CV came to, though I like the dark colour scheme of the standard model better. 

>> BTW, I got me Arturia’s Pigments when it was on its introductionary offer and I like it a lot!
>> (not what your friend is in the market for)

> No, not what we're looking for ;-) We only use the PC for mixing, sync'ing gear and recording.

good point - Pigment is great for sound design though. YMMV. ;)

>>> I don't know if my friend has already taken a decision as he's traveling for work... I know he played a grandmother and a Sub37 and came back indecisively. Guess he has to wait another 20 weeks or so before he can testdrive the matriarch ;-)
>>> T
>>> On 15/06/2019 13:29, Michael Zacherl wrote:
>>>>> On 11 Jun 2019, at 20:28, tom adam <tom.adam at> wrote:
>>>>> I wonder, if one has a 'big' old-school (non eurorack) modular, what would the matriarch add to the lot?
>>>> maybe it’s paraphonic mode?
>>>> Soundwise it’s clearly leaning towards the old 60’s systems, what we probably perceive as “raw” - its circuits origins (904A, CP3, Minimoog VCOs etc) say it.
>>>> The Subsequent is much more sonically refined, it’s circuits more contemporarily sophisticated.
>>>> Though having features to let it sound crunchy, if wanted (e.g. see gain staging in the filter section).
>>>> I like both concepts and was tempted to get me the limited edition of the Subsequent’s CV version.
>>>> (I talked me out of it, as I don’t have that kind of money anyway)
>>>> Since I’m not really into paraphonically playing a (semi-)modular synth and have a 5U system I get all the sounds already.
>>>> I’d be interested in the sound examples you guys have listened to?!
>>>> m.
>>>>> I do like the delay on the matriarch, especially since it's stereo...
>>>>> thanks for the input!
>>>>> On 10/06/2019 21:19, Andrew Tarpinian wrote:
>>>>>> I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say 37 and One represent “modern” moog (Amos Gaynes) and the others are taking cues from the modular and Model D reissues lineage. But I could be wrong.
>>>>>> I would get the matriarch, but I already have a Sub 37 & Model D
>>>>>>> On Jun 10, 2019, at 2:26 PM, tom adam <tom.adam at> wrote:
>>>>>>> We were looking at some vid's from the grandmother, matriarch and subsequent 37 today and we were wondering about the difference in 'sound' between these machines.
>>>>>>> Apparently my partner in crime is contemplating on a new moog ;-)
>>>>>>> As patch storage is not that important and patch points (to external eurorack) neither, it's all about the sound.
>>>>>>> Anyone have an opinion on this?
>>>>>>> our test was inconclusive... (blind listening test)

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