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Mon Dec 23 16:25:33 CET 2019

One of my absolute fav bands is Norwegian Zeromancer. They formed (3 out of 5 members) after the breakup of one of Norways domestically most famous 90’s band Seigmen and launched them into an international career. They have since reunited and released a new album 4 years ago, “Enola”, that I just started listening to. Really like it so if you can overcome the fact that the lyrics are in Norwegian, give it a spin... <>

Enola 2015 <> <>

Another band that I’ve got into lately is The Anix. Electronic rock with a very dense sound. Check it out! <>

Hologram 2019 <> <>

Shadow_Movement 2018 <> <>

Ephemeral 2017 <> <>

Talking of Zeromancer…they have released six albums and have in my opinion created an astonishing result. On the latest five, I really like every track, on the first one there’s maybe 2-3 I tend to skip :-)

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