Digitakt & MachineDrum (Was: Novation Peak)

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The Rytm isn't a sampler though, it's really just an added feature, but I think it's nice for adding punch to a sound or using it for single cycle waveforms. But yea it's not a huge on the fly inspirational thing, more a plan it out or get lucky thing. The digitakt seems to me what I always kinda wanted the octatrack to be, a funky weird simple sampler. 

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> Andrew T wrote:
> > I might get this and the mono station and the Digitakt instead of the OB-6 desktop I was thinking of getting
> I’m not too sure about the Digitakt.  I had and loved the Rytm but, hated how the Rytm handled samples.  I came to the conclusion that if they made a Rytm without the sampling part, it would be a killer machine.  Hopefully they have learnt some lessons from how not to handle samples in the Rytm and carried that knowledge into the Digitakt..
> So sold the Rytm and replaced with a MachineDrum MkII UW which I feckin love!!  I’ve been pretty critical about the MD in the past, not liking how digital it sounds; this is now the very reason why I like it so much  J
> And, the MD’s sampling is pure old-school joy!  It’s quite hard to explain how the MD samples using RAM and ROM machines but it’s very simple and quick to use, taking happy accidents to a whole new level. When inspiration is needed, I feed into the MD, say, a Depeche Mode track and program a drum part using a 200ms short sample.  You set this to keep auto-sampling every pattern loop until it captures a gem (typically every 4 or 5 attempts).  Repeat this a few times with other parts.  You now have a track that sounds Depeche Mode-esque without being in anyway recognisable to the original.  Genius!!
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