Digitakt & MachineDrum (Was: Novation Peak)

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Fri Apr 21 13:28:56 CEST 2017

Andrew T wrote:


> I might get this and the mono station and the Digitakt instead of the OB-6
desktop I was thinking of getting


I'm not too sure about the Digitakt.  I had and loved the Rytm but, hated
how the Rytm handled samples.  I came to the conclusion that if they made a
Rytm without the sampling part, it would be a killer machine.  Hopefully
they have learnt some lessons from how not to handle samples in the Rytm and
carried that knowledge into the Digitakt..


So sold the Rytm and replaced with a MachineDrum MkII UW which I feckin
love!!  I've been pretty critical about the MD in the past, not liking how
digital it sounds; this is now the very reason why I like it so much  :)


And, the MD's sampling is pure old-school joy!  It's quite hard to explain
how the MD samples using RAM and ROM machines but it's very simple and quick
to use, taking happy accidents to a whole new level. When inspiration is
needed, I feed into the MD, say, a Depeche Mode track and program a drum
part using a 200ms short sample.  You set this to keep auto-sampling every
pattern loop until it captures a gem (typically every 4 or 5 attempts).
Repeat this a few times with other parts.  You now have a track that sounds
Depeche Mode-esque without being in anyway recognisable to the original.







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