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..Interesting stuff..  Thanks Jay..


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> Ah, the Prion.
> I actually went to Access to make the Prion, which was going to be something
> very similar to what this new Quantum seems to be...  but I couldn't pull it
> off. Company politics and personal drama, and .. much internal resistance to
> replacing the Virus with something else.
> I basically spun my wheels trying to get CK to agree to a hardware
> specification, budget for the BOM, and platform design. I was there to
> function as a systems developer, but had no system. At first it was thought
> we build a platform that both Waldorf and Access could use for future
> products, but this was right before Waldorf imploded, and things went off
> the rails during Waldorfs first collapse (the first time). Wolfram Franke joined
> Access, and the decision was made to do TI instead of develop a new
> hardware design, which was easier and more economical for Access. TI was
> considered a better option, since it allowed Access to tout the TI as an
> essential tool against the plugin market, which was rapidly eroding the
> hardware synth business at that time. Prion was sidelined and after the TI
> release, cancelled. The company had no desire to build another synth
> platform.
> In the end it worked out for them - Virus is still being sold, and Access was
> transformed into Kemper Digital, now dominating the guitar effects market.
> The Kemper profiling amp is what Access - now a shell company - switched
> to, attention wise.
> I actually ran into CK yesterday here at the Frankfurt Music Messe. Didn't get
> to have much of a conversation but it was good to see him. He had quite an
> effect on my life after all. (He introduced me to my lady, and the rest is
> history..)
> That said, I think the hardware synth market is experiencing a badly needed
> revival, as we saw with the rise of Modal and now Behringer and so on.
> Looking around the Messe today, I see a lot of new and upcoming synth
> projects.
> And... I had a very nice meeting on Friday here in Frankfurt with Johannes,
> developer of the Axoloti synth, who drove here from Belgium for the
> express purpose of aligning Axoloti and MIKME, on a few things. He showed
> me his new/next product design and I can say with some certainty that
> Axoloti is going to fill in the gaps that I identified back in 2001, when I joined
> Access.  So that is pretty exciting, actually... best synth news of the show, all
> things considered. Keep an eye on Axoloti, folks...
> ;
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> seclorum
> > On Apr 8, 2017, at 11:34, punkdISCO <forums at> wrote:
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> > I didn't know about the Access Prion. Was this just an idea that faded
> away?
> >
> > It's a real shame Access never came to anything beyond the Virus.  Makes
> me wonder why..
> >
> > Anyone know what Access Music are doing today? I'm pretty sure they are
> still going..
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> > Paul
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> >> Access Prion
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