Ableton Live Lite 10 - anyone got a spare serial card lying around?

Dave S dave.silvester at
Wed Oct 7 13:26:40 CEST 2020

Thanks Dennis... and sorry for the delayed reply. After reading your email
back then, I tried again on my newer computer, with several pieces of
Ableton Live Lite eligible hardware available if needed, and it worked
first time with the code I already had. Guess it was a glitch the first

FYI anyone with an eligible piece of hardware only has to send a picture of
the hardware and they'll give you a Lite serial number pretty much within
the hour, if you need one.

I use Bitwig but I have a student using Live Lite 10 so it's useful to have
it around.

Thanks again for your help!



On Tue, 28 Jul 2020, 15:07 Dennis Jameson, <komatos at> wrote:

> Dave—
> I’ve had Live Lite since 4.0 and my former M-Audio controller keyboard
> about 10-15 years ago. If you login to Ableton’s website you should be able
> to download the latest Live Lite version.
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