Bitwig project ping-pong game, anyone?

Dave S dave.silvester at
Wed Oct 7 13:16:33 CEST 2020

Hey bar,

I'd love to collaborate on some creations in Bitwig (3.2) with someones or
other. Probably it's not a long term collaboration, and with no particular
agenda or genre - though we could discuss and choose a direction. It's just
interesting to learn from seeing other people's ways of doing things up
close, and it's hard to hang out with anyone IRL this year.

I'm thinking to sketch out ideas, patches, kits, loops, arrangements and
send them backwards and forwards, just see what happens?

I'm on Linux, and so far haven't found any need to use external plugins
because I'm having so much fun rigging up my own custom stuff to sound how
I'd like it to sound. The Grid is amazing, but even before that, it's easy
to nest building-block effects and modulators and save an interesting
library of creations. I'm just getting started and loving it... diving in
deep already!

So I'd like to keep to built-in devices rather than external ones.

Other than that... anything goes? A musical, patching and sound design

I've never had a system where this was even much of a possibility before
Bitwig - certainly nothing anywhere near as fully featured, cross platform
or versatile, or where I also have an Internet connection fast enough to
use for it.

All those things plus available time and some decades of experience (funny
how that just clocks up... wow, I'm 40 now!?!) are now in effect. I have
energy for it again! :-D

So it seems like an interesting thing to try, now I can. Who would like to
play Bitwig project ping-pong for a bit?


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