Apple M1

Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Wed Nov 18 14:38:41 CET 2020

> On 17.11.2020, at 23:24, Joost Schuttelaar <joost at> wrote:
> Then got it swapped out for a complimentary 2018 model that I’m using now. That one had a battery issue, which again means a top-case replacement.
> All fixes free of charge and without a fuss from Apple, by the way.

HATE the display on my 2017 MBP, it has the orange splotch problem that results from Apple’s buggy fan driver not functioning when the lid is closed, so the screen gets cooked and blue particles drop off the grid, resulting in nasty orange splotches that migrate all around a slightly-bluer tinged display.  This is a class action thing, but Apple have been resisting doing a free replacement for it .. I remain committed to getting them to replace this for free, though.

That said, I have had some great replacement/fix transactions with Apple, who have replaced screens and logic boards for me for free in the past.  Just gotta know the right magic words to use at the Genius Bar ..


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