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The MPE is interesting and apparently a Push II controller will let you get a taste of it without investing in another controller.  The way I work, though, I don’t see MPE having much impact.

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Yeah, not on beta here.  I think Live 10 was a real good update, and 11 looks to be even better.  The comping feature we were discussing and a few other Arrangement window editing is going to make working between session and arrange a lot nicer.

I am looking forward to the MPE integration, to what my Roli can do within Live, as well as a few of the new devices.


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Are any of you on the public beta of 11 yet? I tried, but I never got the confirmation e-mail.

WHen 10 came out I felt sort of like Peter Kirn describes it in CDM: underwhelmed until you try it, then it grows on you.

10 was the first version that did so may things just right, that I started using the Arrange view a lot more. I still miss nudging sequences around as well as scrubbing with the play head — I just made a film soundtrack and it’s really a pain compared to Logic.

But some things are a lot more fun to use in 10 over 9, stuff that i can’t even put into words, everything just felt better all of a sudden.

the only criticism I have is that it comes out much sooner than the last paid upgrade. But then it’s not so expensive, I paid 159EUR for the upgrade from ten.


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