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It would be nice if they did approach the designers, or at least credit 
B made no effort to contact ARPs estate, Korg did.
We know they don't contact companies until their solicitors contact B 
with a cease and desist. All they do is change the colours a little and 
change the font, then they carry on.

I agree, they're not the only ones doing it, and the incessant copying 
has to stop at some point, as it will stifle creativity and wipe out 

On 2020-01-20 11:08, Jay Vaughan wrote:
>> On 19.01.2020, at 22:58, Michael Zacherl <mubar05 at> wrote:
>> That “tech guy” is Rob Keeble …
>> And that bears some irony to this entire ethics discussion: 
>> According to this video _he_ reached out to contact Behringer.
> That does indeed represent another angle for this discussion:
> Behringer may be providing opportunities for the owners of the
> original designs to release their works anew, and in fact where they
> might’ve been turned away or dissuaded by the existing players when it
> comes to re-licensing and re-releasing some old synth designs, perhaps
> Behringer is the safe harbour for some of these designs.   By
> embracing them, and re-releasing them, the case could be made that
> Behringer might be providing protective cover to ensure the designs
> don’t get further ripped off in the future…. Or, at least, with the
> Behringer income flow, designers have the ability to compete when
> their designs are ripped off by others.  Its not like Behringer are
> the only ones doing this - but it would be interesting to know what
> sort of offer they make to original IP owners/synth designers when it
> comes to producing new releases based on the property ..
> The conversations I’ve witnessed around synth IP, professionally that
> is, have more often than not always resulted in just plain NO, and the
> thing continues to be an archaic, inaccessible instrument.  One
> wonders how it is that Behringer have flipped that bit.
> j.
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