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Mon Jan 20 12:53:50 CET 2020

> I’ve never felt that musicians should make money from their music, per
> se - but rather from their performances.  I know that’s a bit of a
> wonky position, but I plan to never make a thin red dime from my music
> - but always get paid for gigs.  Its been good for me so far, but I’m
> not a professional musician in any way.  So this argument doesn’t
> really jibe.  And I also don’t have a big investment in the identity
> of ‘being a musician’ - everyone knows my music is crap.  That’s okay,
> I do it for myself anyway.

I can see where you're coming from, and I think I see more and more 
bands gigging and touring.
Even if some bands (Rammestein) do charge stupid amounts of money.

> I’d be pretty pissed off if someone stole my firmware from a hardware
> synth and turned it into a soft-synth.  That’d be a fair analog to
> your position, I think.  But that’s not happening (as far as I can
> tell) with Behringer.

I don't think they've got that far yet, right now they're just copying 
I would be VERY angry if they copied my schematics or firmware, other 
people have done that and I've had to write them and ask them to cease 
(pre modal).

> Did you notice that the Behringer Neutron now has a third-party
> firmware for it, which adds polyphony and a few other features?  THAT
> is something I’m VERY excited about happening in the synth world -
> there needs to be a lot more of this type of hacking going on, imho.

See, now the neutron is a different kettle of fish, it sounds good and 
it's original.
I just wish they'd do more of that.

> *I* don’t buy a Rolex for my first watch, but if I had $1 for every
> time I’ve seen “professional/semi-pro” musicians make the statement
> “I’m just getting a MOOG, its the best synthesiser ever made”, without
> having played it, I’d be able to afford my own original MOOG System
> 55.

I agree, you need to play a synth before you want it, but sadly a lot of 
people are brand motivated.
For you and me, and a lot of people, a Rolex is purely a status symbol 
and one we'd never use. But for some it makes them feel better in 
someway. It doesn't keep better time than a $1.99 digital, probably 
worse time and probably costs more to maintain. So from a functional 
perspective it makes zero sense to buy.

I like the feel of Moogs stuff, and I had a play with the Moog One, 
which I loved dearly.. But for me it always be like a ferrari, nice to 
play with and aspirational, but I'd never buy one because it doesn't 
suit "me".

I think we're not a million miles apart with what we're saying :)


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