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I think, what this means, is that companies (like Doepfer) who make their bread and butter making, essentially, copies of the bread and butter stuff will be in trouble.  If your business model depends on making your own versions of System 100 or Moog System 55 modules, you’re going to have a bad time..

But a company like Make Noise?  Tip Top Audio?   Industrial Music Electronics?  QuBit?

I think they stand to gain, here, because people will be able to get the bread and butter cheaper, leaving more money to spend on the main course.  That could potentially grow the market quite a bit.

So I think the effect will be the opposite: It’s the copycat companies that are going to get knocked out of the market.

For me, as a long time Eurorack user ( if you want to see pics of the system), I don’t have the slightest interest in any of these modules.   None of them are particularly interesting to me since I’m not into it for nostalgia.  I could see a lot of people jumping on board, though.   If that forces creators to be more innovative in their product line, so be it.


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and don't mind helping a company rip off other companies designs.
And now the Moog 55.

People already complain about "how expensive" something new is, and
there's a reason, it takes time and money to innovate.

For me, and a lot of people I know, Behringer entering the eurorack
market will mean the death of a lot of innovative and creative companies
as we don't have the chinese factory at our hand to churn out 1000s of
modules for a few pennies. so good bye creativeness, hello copycat


On 2020-01-17 12:01, Joost Schuttelaar wrote:
> 50-100 USD per module:
> If you ever wanted to get into modular synthesis…
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