Behringer System 55

Michael Zacherl mubar05 at
Sun Jan 19 22:58:55 CET 2020

That “tech guy” is Rob Keeble … 
And that bears some irony to this entire ethics discussion:
According to this video _he_ reached out to contact Behringer.

I’m still not fine with the thought of buying a Behringer product, always avoided them.
When I learned Behringer acquired Midas, years ago, I was convinced that’s going to be another fine company going down the drain.
Well … meanwhile I got mixed feelings.
“Luckily” my savings are far from enough to buy any product in the near future.
So, no though calls ATM. ;)

> On 19.01.2020, at 19:39, K9 Kai Niggemann <canine at> wrote:
> When I found the arp 2600 video from Behringer today (that doesn’t say anything besides introducing the tech guy who they hired to build their clone) I must say I was impressed too. 
> A few years down the road, when the UB-303 is sold as a “broken radio” at a yard sale for $20 we will understand how much they have changed the music industry…

>> On 19. Jan 2020, at 19:21, Mic Zac (Noiseconformist) <mubar05 at> wrote:
>> Forgot to say, I find it crazy what amount of resources Behringer throws at the synth development fromt, even if it’s just “blatant” copies.
>> m.
>>> On 19.01.2020, at 18:36, Michael Zacherl <mubar05 at> wrote:
>>> System 55:
>>>>> On 17.01.2020, at 13:01, Joost Schuttelaar <joost at> wrote:
>>>> 50-100 USD per module:
>>>> If you ever wanted to get into modular synthesis…

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