Behringer System 100

Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Fri Jan 17 20:24:55 CET 2020

> For me, and a lot of people I know, Behringer entering the eurorack market will mean the death of a lot of innovative and creative companies as we don't have the chinese factory at our hand to churn out 1000s of modules for a few pennies. so good bye creativeness, hello copycat ripoff.

It is really a difficult ethical position - on the one hand, you’re right, but on the other hand there will be a lot more new people introduced to the synthesiser world, simply because Behringer made it affordable for them.  This is good for those of us who are worn out by a lot of the elitist/price-gouging stuff that goes on in the synth world, which does put people off from actually understanding the art.  3000 bucks for a mono synth with a famous brand is .. well, yeah.  Maybe not really a great way to build the market.

Its going to be interesting to see where things are in a couple of years.  This has definitely made waves, and a lot of new kids are playing synths..


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