New song - Hiss'story

Andrew Robinson andrew at
Mon Jan 13 21:52:56 CET 2020

I really, really like this one. The production and the vocals in
particular are great, there are hints of Bowie in there at times. I love
the spacious mix, and the way the percussion uses the stereo field. No
frequency or distortion/saturation issues at all,I think you've nailed the
mix perfectly.

Criticisms, if I have to... the fade-out is to early and too fast. I'd like
to hear at least a couple of bars of the outro before the fade, which eats
into the last chorus at the moment. There's a lovely swoopy sound at 2:09
that's really great, but is a little buried. More like that over a longer
outro might be a good recipe?

The two-note xylophone-ish sound all the way through did start to annoy me
a little on about my 3rd consecutive listen, not a big issue, but maybe try
dropping out out for the choruses so it lifts the verses?

I like Jay's idea of a middle 8, that would being it up to normal pop song
length. A good place for a guitar solo maybe, or have the xylophone-ish
sound break it's 2 note pattern for a bit?

- Andy_R

On Sat, 11 Jan 2020 at 22:22, Romain Xavier <xtechcode at> wrote:

> Hi everyone !
> Here a song that made in the end of last year.
> I must thanks Joost for giving me small feedback before to send the song
> here,  Thanks dude !
> The song has a simple structure : Intro - Versus - Chorus - Versus -
> Chorus - End
> It is not too long and it is not too short (2 min 47)
> I spent quite some time to mix and master the song all by myself, and I
> think it translates quite ok to different monitors :)
> However, I am curious to know what you think about it  eg : if the voices
> are to loud,  or if there are some freq (Low, Low Mid, Mid, Hi Mid, Hi
> Freq)  bothering you, if it s distorted / saturated too much  etc  …
> Gears used :
> Logic Pro  Synth : Alchemy, ES E, Sculpture, Drums
> Yamaha Ex5
> Guitar (Rocktron Chameleon)
> Bass
> ——
> ——
> Cheers !
> Romain
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