Speaker advice/non-near field, for jamming

Jay Vaughan ibisum at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 14:08:24 CEST 2019

> Ah, that’s a good point of view. Local audio. Set up the gear into sections with their own monitoring.

Yeah, it really helps with people who want to hear themselves a bit hotter than the rest of the room - but at the same time, the DAW can make the real mixing decisions.  A bit like a stage set-up where everyone has their own monitors.

> Yeah, for the audio I/O & mixing I’m looking at probably the Behringer X32 in time. For now I’ve got two decent 19” line mixers which will do the job. Budget’s a bit tight after the renovation, so just stereo recording for now :)

Its why I mentioned the Presonus’, which are pretty darn cheap yet sound very, very good - with the budget for the gear you’d listed previously, instead spent on slightly cheaper monitors, you’d still have a bit extra for sub-mixers that can route back to the DAW .. food for thought anyway.


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