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Wed May 1 20:24:03 CEST 2019

On 01/05/2019 19:32, Michael Zacherl wrote:
>> On 28 Apr 2019, at 20:58, tom adam <tom.adam at> wrote:
>> I've got a patch set up on the modular that's actually 2 voices, one panned right and one panned left.
>> WHen I record it into a stereo track in live, it's hard panned left/right.
> ...
>> I would really hate to use to mono tracks in live
This should read '2' mono tracks...
> why is that? is that patch one stereo sound, like ‘layered’?
> and/or should they always be edited simultaneously?

No, it's 2 different patches, but triggered from the same 'source'. 
Listening to both of them 'mono' is no fun. But listening to both of 
them stereo, (1 hard left and one hard right) is no fun either. There's 
quite some modulation going on, that's why hard panning doesn't work for 
me. I'm not planning on editing them in live apart from some reverb or 
EQ'ing and that should be done on both tracks simultaneously.

>> and use a bus or whatever to get the panning right.
> well, that is done anyway sending it to ‘master’.
> regardless if it’s a mono or stereo track.

yes, I see your point.

WHat I wanted to do, is record both patches into a stereo track. In that 
case they are hard panned right/left. And than do something so I can 
change the hard panning into soft panning. I have yet to try Kai's 

BTW, this is possible in RME's totalmix. Just change the width setting  
and done! (see pic) Alas this is not recorded into live. Don't know if 
this is possible

Cheers, ToAd

> m.
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