live question about panning

Michael Zacherl mubar05 at
Wed May 1 19:32:08 CEST 2019

> On 28 Apr 2019, at 20:58, tom adam <tom.adam at> wrote:
> I've got a patch set up on the modular that's actually 2 voices, one panned right and one panned left.
> WHen I record it into a stereo track in live, it's hard panned left/right. 


> I would really hate to use to mono tracks in live

why is that? is that patch one stereo sound, like ‘layered’?
and/or should they always be edited simultaneously? 

> and use a bus or whatever to get the panning right.

well, that is done anyway sending it to ‘master’.
regardless if it’s a mono or stereo track.


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