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Fri Mar 22 03:36:54 CET 2019

Hey everyone,

I'm really sad to hear about Gert.

How time flies - I think it's 16 years since we met, though we haven't been
in touch much for the last few.

Gert was always kind to me, particularly during my ranty mid 20s, when for
some reason I felt particularly attached to my well-meant but often
obnoxiously-expressed views. His patience and wisdom on Music Bar (and in
real life) helped me find a better way to be in the world and I never quite
realised how much he was a part of that process until just now.

Never underestimate the impact of kindness, even by email!

I'm glad we hung out and made music quite a few times. I still have
recordings of it somewhere. You could always hear Gert's bits... often the
monosynth lead lines over whatever chaos was going on underneath.

I loved his sense of humour, and the booming voice to end all booming
voices... great combination. It's amazing how many things become instantly
hilarious when said in a booming voice! "Num nums"... heheheh!

I regret not staying in touch more... it would have been great to see each
other again after so much time. Damn.

For now I'm shocked and sad.

Love to all 'barians... those I've met, those I haven't met, and those I
haven't even spoken to yet. I miss you, and social media ain't got nothing
on Music Bar.

So instead of returning to lurking, I will now officially un-lurk and see
you here again!

But I wish Gert was still around, won't be quite the same.

Jam session in Wales, anyone? I'm pretty desperate for one and there is
lots of opportunity for it this year, as well as the means. So it could
well happen!

Galactic Emperor, gentle giant... RIP Gert. (You rock, dude!)

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