Radiohead: A Moon Shaped Pool

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I find the sound of Kid A, OK Computer, this new one, and a few tracks on the other albums to be very atmospheric, dark, musically inventive, and super engaging.  The use of the live strings (at least it sounds like it :-) ) beautifully molded.  I think Yorke's style is one you either like or don't like.  But it's the whole sound, and in the new one with Yorke's almost-reserved, minimalist approach, that makes for a very active listening :-).  There are moments of their sound that to me is like watching a Wim Wenders film, a little dark, a little dreamy....

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> Sorry if that sounded mean spirited - it certainly was not my intent.
> I should have added a smiley afterward.

I also don’t want to sound mean about Radiohead - I don’t like them.  But I’m curious what you guys who do like them, find appealing in their music.  The reason is: I value the opinions of you guys.

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