Radiohead: A Moon Shaped Pool

Peter Korsten peter at
Sat Jun 11 20:37:07 CEST 2016

Op 11-6-2016 om 16:04 schreef Komatos:
> I tried listening to Radiohead once during the Kid A album to see what people saw in them, and why they were popular on the radio at the time. I couldn't figure out why. All the album sounded like was a bunch of random synth noodling/wankery. No organizational structure at all. No beats, rhythm, patterns, etc. and a lead singer with a whiny voice to boot.

Ah OK, so it's not just me then. I decided to give this a listen, but it 
just didn't do anything for me, except annoy the hell out of me whenever 
the singer opens his mouth. Production is fab indeed, but my goodness, I 
sing better than he does, and you may remember the discussion that Kim 
and I recently had on the subject. Melodically, there are some good 
bits, but if anything, it gives me the vibe of these female 
singer/songwriters that were, for some unfathomable reason, so popular 
in 1990s.

- Peter

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