JMJ Oxygene 3

Marek Szulen mszulen at
Tue Dec 6 13:50:52 CET 2016


Anyone already had a chance to listen to this album?

A couple of years ago, I've been really a hardcore fan of Jean Michel.
After he went out of the path and started to release strange/commercial
albums (Teo&Tea, Geometry of Love, Sessions 2000, Electronica, etc) I've
narrowed my fan'ism (haha) to only old albums.

Last Friday, I've got newest album from JMJ and.... WOW! I can hear old
Jarre again.
Ok, it's not as beautiful like first few albums, but it's definitelly old
Jarre again. No more mass-commercial crap.

Especially Oxy 15 and 16 are great.

What are your thoughts?

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