Macbook Pro - Give us a review, Joost?

Andrew Tarpinian andrewtarpinian at
Sat Dec 3 21:11:07 CET 2016

>> On Dec 3, 2016, at 2:31 PM, Joost Schuttelaar <joost at> wrote:
>> On 3 Dec 2016, at 19:18, Jay Vaughan (ibisum) <ibisum at> wrote:
>> Mine arrives next week - Joost, tell us how it's been for you .. ?
> I’m really happy with it! Here are my notes thus far:
> Oh, I do wish the screen resolution was 3840⨉2400 (or 3840⨉2160). I like the screen estate of the higher resolution mode, but rendering is a bit uneven to my taste 😞 my eyes are very sensitive to pixel perfection for some reason.
I got 3840x2160 IPS on the new Alienware 15 I just got. What do you mean by rendering?

How is your screen? I have a bit of backlight bleed that only show on black on the bottom corners, seems it has to do with the mounting pressure of the bezel, these new IPS's seem very sensitive to pressure. 
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