Your advice please.

ToAd tom.adam at
Thu May 28 22:46:26 CEST 2015

Maybe it could use a vocal sample, returning in each part, once or twice 
depending on the length of the sample.
I can't find the track now, but I know Buscemi (this buscemi does this from time to time 
to 'break' a tune a bit.

Like the song BTW

(I find that I have time again for music, not only fooling around with 
my modular, but also listening to music, and I'm loving it...)
(Just returned from an EN gig in Brussels, second day in a row, I think 
I've had plenty for the next couple of months...)

Marc Sims schreef op 28/05/2015 om 06:38:
>  I've got this tune that, I think is pretty much there, but I've got a 
> feeling its missing something just cant think of it, its not been 
> automated or fully mastered yet.  Any suggestions?
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