phrase sampler options?

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If all you need is to run a sample playback app, you could use an iPod
touch, or an old iPhone, which can be picked up for next to nothing. For
portability and bang per buck, secondhand Apple gear is surprisingly hard
to beat. It took me a while to realise that I ought to think of my my old,
slightly cracked and scratched iPhone4 not as a thing to keep in a drawer
in case my new phone broke, but as a powerful sound generator that deserves
a place in my music set-up. Jams with my old phone, new phone and iPad made
me wish I'd hung onto my previous 2 generations of iPhone.

- Andy_R

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> > What about the iPad Romain suggested, you can get a older model with
> 64GB for cheap and there’s tons of sample-apps.
> It can’t be denied - this is probably the best option in terms of cost and
> performance reliability.
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