phrase sampler options?

K9 Kai Niggemann kai at
Sat Mar 7 13:47:21 CET 2015

I have been looking into phrase samplers and weighing my options, without a conclusion so far. 

Akai also makes he MPX 16 (I believe that's what it's called - like that thing Jay has, but with more functions. I found it uninspiring.

Korg Microsampler -- should be ok to get one used. A bit hard to come by, it seems. Probably that's the reason (no demand) they dropped it.

Then of course there are the two loopers by EHX, the 2880 and 45500. Loops, but they play 4 different loops (45500 has SD, the older one CF).

I don't get why the Volca sample can't sample on its own. 

Hardware sampling really has some improving to do. I think there should be a small, affordable, professional sampling keyboard (but note that I mean the term "keyboard" in the widest sense)...!

hope this helps....;)

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