phrase sampler options?

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Fri Mar 6 22:52:19 CET 2015

> I think I might have over estimated the sample size I need for this as
> our longest song is usually under 5 minutes (most are about 3) so
> probably the flash based Akai MPCs might work assuming they load fast
> (or instantly).

I have an Akai MPX8, the thing is rock solid and stable.  It can be expanded with SD cards, which means even if you need more than 48-minutes (48Megs=48minutes) of samples for a song, you just swap out the SD cards mid-song and off you go. The samples get triggered directly from SD card, so thats very convenient.  I’d say either the MPX8 - or MPX16 - would be the perfect replacement for your vocalist.

Jay Vaughan
ibisum at

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