learning to actually be a musician

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Tue Mar 3 17:46:54 CET 2015

> I’m very curious about what other -bar’ians are doing in this regard, so I
> hope you guys will also fill in details on this thread ..
Good one Nigel, and an important thing I guess for all of us who came from
just the passion for music.

Jay:  My first couple of years of Uni were at a college in the US with a
good music program and I took a bunch of music classes, as well as piano
lessons.  Later on, after pursuing music a bit more seriously as an
amateur, and getting gear, etc., that education paid off, but I knew I
needed more.  But I never had a strong motivation to do it in a more
structured and strict manner.  I did however start a long process of self
learning, on playing, on writing, on theory, etc...and for me that has been
very satisfying and fulfilling.

On the keyboard topic, I really like this series:


Also, a really strange thing happened about a year or so ago:  I started
reading loads of books on some of my favorite classical composers, Brahms,
Ravel, Debussy, Schubert,...and found that reading about these guy's life
and music was very insightful and helped answer a lot of questions running
around in my head on music at the time.  I totally recommend doing this.

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