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I have the predecessor to the Genelec's, 8020 APM. Had them for like 4-5 years now and I'm really pleased. Crisp sound and if you position your head right you get enough bass to get everything except sub-bass properly monitored :-)


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> Speaking of space savers, anybody know anything about these 2?:
> Focal
> Genelec
> I could really use some compact monitors, as my KRK Rokit RPG2 6’s are kind of too big for my space. Meaning: physical size, and the fact that they are too (loud, bassy, powerful) for my apartment, neighbors not happy, :) it's gotten to the point where I can't use them at night. Also I feel they are good for jamming, but not really great for mixing etc…
> I have starting using my AKG K702’s a lot and I am getting used to them, but they are still headphones. The two monitors above look too good to be true. It seems people really like them or they say they are rubbish, so is the internet. I would love to have them on my desk for all around use, as well as when checking mixes, but I am nervous the lack of bass will f up my mixes.
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