FL Studio

foRUMS 4 punkdISCO forums at punkdisco.co.uk
Thu Apr 3 20:14:13 CEST 2014

Yeah, Declan, FL looks cool but would you produce better results with it?
Probably not..

In truth, its how we use the tools and if you are happy with what you have,
maybe just stay put..

I very happy with Live.  When using Cubase for many years, I don't think I
could say that.  I think my attitude to Cubase was "I will put up with you
as you get the job done, all be it, painfully and slowly".  If that's the
case, look around but otherwise, a swap would just be a distraction..

Saying this, Im sure I will watch all the Bitwig videos as they appear.
Cant imagine they will present anything that makes me want to swap but ill
watch them anyway..


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