MOTU 828: No TB, no AVB

Peter Korsten peter at
Tue Mar 12 21:37:39 CET 2024

MOTU have actually released a new 19" audio interface for the first time 
in, what, six or seven years?

So it has USB-C (USB3), but it lacks Thunderbolt and AVB. Can't say that 
I'm really surprised about either: AVB has appeared to be dead for a 
while now, and TB is a pain in the arse to use on Windows. Plus, cables 
and converters are very expensive.

I know that Tony and Joost have experimented with AVB, but to me it 
looks like it really is a dead end now. Which is a pity, because I could 
see a use case with some synths in a different room. But if I'm honest, 
the USB2/Ethernet combination of my 24Ai is a bit awkward.

- Peter

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