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Andrew Robinson andrew at
Mon Mar 13 21:48:20 CET 2023

Thanks for all the feedback, folks. Lots to think about here!

I agree Ableton would make a lot of sense, but I really don't want the show
to just be me hiding behind 2 laptops wiggling a mouse. I want the audience
to be sure that I'm doing things that affect the sound, which means
something pad-based for arranging, add that to the cost of a second laptop
(I'll be doing video stuff on the other) and we're into dedicated hardware
price territory.

The Playaudio12 or the Cymatic Audio LP16 would be good as part of a laptop
setup, but they don't have a UI, so they don't fit my needs.

SamplTrek looks interesting as a budget option, will research to see if it
covers enough of the things I need.

My shortlist at the moment is:

Synthstrom Deluge (tiny display, appears not to be available new?)
Squarp Hapax (don't know much about it, low RAM so might not be suitable?)
Octatrack (the most expensive option, not sure if RAM limits it too much?)
Akai MPC Live/One (Initial impression is that these are very cut-down
versions of the Akai Force, but for about the same price, surely that can't
be right?)
Akai Force (not ideal, but UI seems great and connectivity is right - it
mixes down, streams multi-track audio from HD/SSD/ SD card, has decent FX,
class compliant midi, enough cv/gate outs that I won't need external box
for that, etc.).

I think the Force is winning at the moment, as it seems to need the lowest
number of additional boxes to get me to where I want to be. Lots more
review videos to watch on youtube though!

- Andy_R

On Mon, 13 Mar 2023 at 16:40, Peter Korsten <peter at> wrote:

> Hey Andy,
> >, what should I be buying?
> This YouTube short conveniently showed up in my recommendations today:
> It mentions this product:
> The guy uses Ableton Live, which you mentioned, on two laptops, and the
> above device.
> Scan Computers have it for £479, though not in stock until the 25th.
> Others don't have it, or have it for £599.
> (
> Disclaimer: I know neither Ableton Live nor this product, so it's not an
> endorsement.
> - Peter
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