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Aha! An excuse for more self-promotion. Thank you.


- Andy_R

On Sat, 4 Mar 2023 at 15:54, Matt Seil <xeno6696 at> wrote:

> Could someone repost the original link? I seem to have everything but the
> OP (>_<)
> On 3/4/2023 7:49 AM, Andrew Robinson wrote:
> Hi Romain
> Thanks for listening, and for the detailed feedback, it's really
> appreciated. Overall I think you're absolutely right that many of the
> tracks are too long, I've been thinking the same myself listening back to
> it - if I had a few more days in February I would have devoted them to
> tightening it up.
>> 1. Strengths -
>> I really like the synth lead at 1min52.
>> I enjoyed  the birds and synth solos with the granular.
> I think this is the second 'single' - I'll do a 'radio edit' to make it
> get to the hooks more quickly and see what I can come up with for a video,
> and possibly a more dreamy ambient/dubby alternate mix.
>> 2. Weaknesses
>> A bit too long in my opinion, however I really like the flute (in
>> Phrygian I guess)  and what you do with the voices in general , it feels
>> like
>> a Spiritual song but suddenly after 4min there is a D Bowie synth trip
>> that I really dig :)
> Yes, I was quite obsessed with hitting my goal of an hour of music and was
> expecting to fall short for most of the month, so I made my strongest track
> quite long.... probably too long!
>> 6. Anger - A solid 10 minute slab of 120bpm techno. 808, 303, quirky
>> gritty noises.
>> This one sounds like kind of a jam.
>> But I may be wrong … you only know : )
>> Actually, all the tracks are made the same way. Build a 16 bar loop in
> Reason, export as audio segments, assemble those segments in another Reason
> file (arranging in an almost jamming way), then if needed, go back to the
> first file and make any missing elements or extra bits I think it needs.
> This is actually one where I changed the structure of the track several
> times, the first version quickly built to a big drop, then elements dropped
> out, then I has two big drops, but they felt the wrong way round as the
> first drop was bigger, so I tried to smooth the arrangement out and make it
> less about drops.
>> 7. Bargaining - The silly one. A cross-genre kitchen sink wall of sound
>> with distorted bells, sci-fi noises, violin solo, tom-toms, 303, an
>> orchestra, timbales and 1/4 speed distorted toy piano of doom.
>> A bit too tropical or classical for me but it s easy listening …
>> My only remark would be  at  0:33,  0:36, 0 :44 the low bells are too
>> loud(a click is bothering me), after  is ok tho …
> I think this is the one I put the most work in to, but also the one that's
> the least successful. To be honest, it's too tropical and classical for me
> too!
> All in all (for me), your productions are very well made in general, the
>> mixes are cleaned and precise, they all have a very nice width, the only
>> thing which is bothering me  is some songs are too long ..
>> However,  as usual  I did enjoy the journey of what your music is
>> giving/making  !
>> I m curious to read the comment of others, they may have better advice :)
> Me too! I've actually tried to make these tracks less clean and precise
> than most of my work, there's more imprecise timing and layers of dirt than
> before, maybe I'm getting the balance right now? The whole thing was mixed
> and arranged on little M-Audio computer speakers, so I'm glad to hear that
> I've not messed the sound balance up too much, just a bit of excess bass in
> places which I often seem to be guilty of - perhaps I need to add a
> subwoofer to my setup?
> The album is now on all the major music streaming services (Distrokid
> makes this so easy), here's a Spotify link:
> My big news is that there's an experimental / electronic / IDM night in
> Worcester that I wasn't aware of, the organiser likes the album, and has
> asked me to play a gig! I'll have to work out how to turn this into a short
> live set... and I might add a cover version or two in there, as I've been
> meaning to do a covers project next.
> Regards,
> - Andy_R
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