Teenage Engineering TK6: first impressions

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That’s not quite correct, Tony.  I know Aaron, and have discussed this issue of USB support with him extensively. (I interviewed at 1010music and was considering a move back to California to work for them before Austrian Audio made me a deal I couldn’t refuse…)

They (101music/Aaron) have stated that their existing products - Bluebox and Blackbox - will not support USB host capabilities, and that is because they don’t have the circuitry onboard to do so.  People do not understand that a redesign would be required - it’s not a matter of a firmware upgrade. 1010musics’ USB port is only for power.

However, future 1010music products may indeed support full USB. 

I know for a fact that Aaron has his eyes on every single competitor (Teenage Engineering, Korg, Yamaha, Synthstrom, etc.) and is designing new products in response to current market conditions that will, in fact, be quite competitive…

Let’s see if USB-C shows up in the next 1010music product….


> On 26.09.2022, at 20:38, Tony Scharf <tony.scharf at outlook.com> wrote:
> >> I hope it’ll at least spur imitators.  I mean, the next Bluebox is probably going to leapfrog it, at least one can hope ..
> 1010 Music has said in no uncertain terms they will never make their devices act as audio interfaces, so…
> Tony
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