Synths for sale ..

Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Mon Oct 31 19:41:33 CET 2022

Hi music-bar - is this thing still on?  *tap tap*

I’m selling the following items an thought I’d check if anyone on the -bar is interested before I go to Reverb/Ebay, etc.

Yamaha FS1R    		eu2000,-
Korg MS20		eu1200,-
Quasimidi Sirius	eu800,-
Yamaha QY700		eu400,-

All prices are “best offer” - if you think you want it, make me an offer and lets work it out.  I’d much rather sell it for a lower price to a music-bar’ian than try to get max-profit on Reverb/Ebay/etc.

Hope you all are well!

Jay Vaughan
ibisum at

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