Ibi Sum ibisum at
Mon May 30 08:56:56 CEST 2022

Hi music-bar, all quiet on the -bar’ian front these days, we must all be keeping our heads down to avoid the politics. :P

Anyone going to NAMM this year?  I just shipped off a build of our plugins for demo, in case anyone checks out the Austrian Audio stand.  (Minor UI updates to prepare for AUv3 shipping on iOS.)

Already seeing some cool NAMM stuff .. the NINA synth looks great, hope it sounds good too… few other bits and bobs poking up.  

Crazy to think where we are at these days, eh .. our industry so subdued while world affairs proceed at a dystopian pace. For my part I find it kind of incredible that I just stated I’ve shipped a new build .. of plugins .. off for demo at NAMM.  Curse that LHC multiverse!


(On the other hand, I just placed my weekly eurorack order… it’s all about the utility modules this week, looks like a CLOUDS is in my future, or a clone of it anyway.. ;)


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