Mono or stereo?

Peter Korsten peter at
Tue Mar 29 07:38:16 CEST 2022

As you may know, I've been struggling to find the perfect audio 
interface for years now. The good news is that I've made progress, in 
the sense that I realised it doesn't actually exist.

Long story short, I'd need easily 12 stereo inputs, or 24 in total, and 
there aren't that many options. But considering that the primary reason 
for an audio interface is to be able to run all sorts of effects on my 
PC, do I really need the stereo connections? Or to put it differently: 
if I'm likely to use only one voice from certain synths (not including 
power houses such as the Proteus 2000s), does it actually make sense to 
use the stereo outputs?

What do you guys use?

- Peter

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