Akai MPC Key 61 - thoughts?

Jay Vaughan ibisum at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 14:32:25 CEST 2022

> I wouldn’t really call it a workstation, it’s an mpc live with a keyboard slapped on. Workstations like the the Yamahas will give you a way better synthesizer I think. This will give you an modern MPC (which is great and has plenty of synth aspects) with keys.

We’ve got endless amounts of synth power - the goal for the KEYS61 is to give our MPC guy less stuff to carry to gigs with him. ;)

> I just ordered a Tascam model 16, and plan to use it as an audio interface for the MPC live. Which is kinda mind blowing - individual audio channels in and out of the akai with other instruments, and the ability to record multitrack audio and a stereo mixdown on the mixer to an sd. 

That really is pretty neat - I’ve gotten kind of used to this style of work with the 1010Music Bluebox in my ’mini synth’ tower of power.  Its just so great to be able to come back after a jam and have all the stubs for everything, already separated, and we literally have stopped worrying about losing inspiration because of setup time and so on.

> I really wish they would let you record post fader but no mixer like this does that. My korg does it but there is no digital multitrack. 

Bluebox does it:

https://forum.1010music.com/forum/products/bluebox-compact-digital-mixer-recorder/wish-list-bluebox/22165-post-fader-option-for-track-muting-record-muted-tracks <https://forum.1010music.com/forum/products/bluebox-compact-digital-mixer-recorder/wish-list-bluebox/22165-post-fader-option-for-track-muting-record-muted-tracks>

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